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Contro Valve is the appointed sale representative for VEGA Americas

VEGA Americas is pleased to introduce Contro Valve, Inc. as a new Canadian representative. Contro Valve will cover the territory of Eastern Canada consisting of Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic Provinces.

Contro Valve was incorporated in 1977 in Canada. CV has evolved into one of Canada’s leading providers of instrumentation related products and services for process industry.

With offices in Sarnia, Toronto, Sudbury and Thunder Bay Ontario, Montreal Quebec, Fredericton New Brunswick, and Halifax Nova Scotia, CV has positioned itself to provide instrumentation and valve solutions which will improve safety and reduce cost for customers now and in the future.

VEGA very much fits in with CV’s philosophy of providing only high quality instruments and the best service, which leads to the best long term value for customers. For more than 35 years it has been this commitment to quality and value that CV has used to build its’ business and develop relationships with its customers.

VEGA customers can continue to expect the excellence in instrumentation and support that they are accustomed to as it is achieved through focused investment in personnel, training, facilities and new technology at Contro Valve.

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